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Certification in the PERFORMANCE model

We support talent identification

We support talent identification The PERFORMANCE model is a powerful tool for assessing the thinking style from which and supported by Neurophysiological concepts and research, it allows the identification of the natural talents present in an individual and in which it is reliable to invest to obtain the best results and high performance

Aim to:

Human Talent Professionals, generalists, Business partners, coaches, who want to support the management of people so they can realize their full potential.

Platform for administration and process management:

* Selection. Talent identification.

* Career Planning (Positions to which you can move, relocate a person)

* Action plans suggested by competencies to be developed.

* Platform for administration

* Creation of high-performance teams.

* It allows investing in the competences in which it is reliable and that are predictors of success.

* Identify the best career path or line for executives and / or professionals in transition.


      * Identify people’s natural talents.

      * Selecting the best person for a position.

      * Selecting the best team of individuals for a project.

      * Identifying which people are needed in a specific area for the achievement of vision.

      * Allowing the balance between creativity and operability in work areas.

      * Unlimited use of 100% of the functionality of the platform at no cost.

       Participating in this workshop you get:

      Specialized Facilitators  12 hours

      Performance test application- Individual

      Personalized feedback of results

      Support and study card set

      Support material readings

       10 free trials

      100% use of Performance functionalities

      1 session via Skype for Support and support with expert facilitator

      WhatsApp chat