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Te orienta 11

(Ideal for 11th or 12th grades) A test to bring student closer to the offer of professional areas  and the development of current skills with action plans

At the end of the Test Te Orienta 11 you will be able to: Get to know your Natural strengths, that is, finding out what is easy for you and what you enjoy doing

  •  Identify your least efficient area in order to design strategies that allow you to better manage your physical, mental and emotional energy.
  •  Explore relevant elements linked to your Natural strengths: Personality and tasks that motivate you
  • You will be able to select the existing professional areas and see how much of your profile matches with them.
  • Identify the style of thinking that you should work on and invest time in to make it stronger
  • You will be able to get a PDF report and access your web view of results indefinitely.Mentors Module: Learn more about each career from professionals in the field.
  • Additional Module Competencies of the future: We have identified skills, according to what is highlighted by UNESCO studies. For each one of them you will be able to see the results in a color scale that will allow you to see the degree of maturity in which they are. For each degree of maturity, you will find challenges / tasks that will allow you to consolidate and develop these skills, you are more than welcome to do them.

 Las Instituciones Educativas podrán tener acceso completo a la plataforma de administración de cursos y pruebas para la institución, con diferentes vistas, reportes, anotaciones para entrevistas e información relevante para el desarrollo de los estudiantes.


TE ORIENTA 11, it will allow you to know yourself better, be true to yourself, be happy and achieve your goals.

a ubicar, promover o desarrollar a nuestra gente al lugar correcto.