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The methodology of

Thinking Styles.

What does it consist of?




It is a methodology based on neurophysiological findings, from Plato who was the first to talk about the two aspects in the human mind, of the Right hemisphere and Left hemisphere. The latest findings speak of 4 brain zones, each with particularities and specialties. Each one poses a particular way of SEEING and RELATING to the world.

People come genetically determined with “A” Natural preference that is dominant which we call NEUROFORTALEZA. If we discover what it is, we can unleash our full potential.



100 %Digital


Information in the cloud

Supported on scientific basis

A certificate with copyright and intellectual property

Easy access and easy administration

Accessible from any device

Personalized and interactive reports

About Us

We are a company which has invested in technology development to give young people greater clarity and assertiveness in their professional choice processes. We have contributed to the productivity and efficiency of companies, making people give their full potential, being happy and successful.

Our Culture

We promote well-being, flexibility, and creativity among our collaborators, for the design and creation of products where there are no borders.

We have a multidisciplinary team that nurtures with its experience and diversity of innovative ideas that aim to generate value to the experience of our clients. We seek to create solutions that contribute to generate more efficient, simple and useful processes.

 We have managed to implement methodologies that encourage having the client at the center of what we do.

Our Team

Mario Mejía

Mario Mejía

Cofounder – Businesses Director

Industrial Engineer, Javeriana University with experience of more than 20 years on innovation and development

Paola Taborda

Paola Taborda

Customer Service Leader

Business Administration, has a wide experience in Projects Management, Marketing and Educative Recruitment, Educative Guidance, Financial Consultancy and Entrepreneurship.

Wilter Porras

Wilter Porras

Senior Backend Developer

Industrial Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in development and web and mobile applications design.

Mark Robben

Mark Robben

Associate Consultant in Bogotá

An Economist, with more than 15 years managing comercial teams, extensive experience selling tangible and intangible products. Excellent communication skills, leadership, and consulting abilities

Our Allieds


Benefits for Companies 

We identify the natural strengths of your company’s staff 

Tool Scientifically supported in Neurophysiological Bases we identify people´s natural talents It allows investing in the abilities which are predictors of success

Adaptable and personalized for people management
User friendly and intuitive platform.
Information handling at different levels, we propitiate self-management

We identify the natural strengths of your company’s staff    

Platform for administration and process management:

1. Selection
2. Talent identification
3. Career planning (Positions to which you can place a person)
4. Action plans suggested by competencies to be developed
5. A platform for the administration and creation of high-performance teams

Benefits for students 

We identify your NATURAL STRENGTH, that in which you are naturally good

Assertive / Reliable

A tool that allows you to give your maximum potential by being successful and happy.

Confidence in career choice

You will be able to know where you naturally flow and thus choose a career associated with your strengths.

Detailed information

You will get detailed information about each suggested career, associated with the career profile and professional profile

Employability and the labor market

You can see the probability, in percentage, of getting a job in a career and know the expected income for the first and fifth year..

Motivation, success 

Doing what is easy for you, you like it, and it makes you happy

University information 

University information, type of study and number of semesters for each selected career

Where we are?


We are currently in 7 countries. Colombia, México, Ecuador, Perú, Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala.

Representatives of each country


 Mark Robben

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